Sinidsa Sanctuary was founded on two key principles:

  1. Animals are beings, who deserve compassion and care just like humans do.
  2. Showing compassion for animals is an essential ingredient for personal well-being.

Because we have dedicated ourselves to organizing and maintaining Sindisa around these principles, we have enjoyed a strong community of visitors who consistently return to the sanctuary and who contribute to expanding our ability to care for more and more animals, in more and more ways.

However, our ability to expand our care still relies very much on outside donations as well as volunteers, whose time and resources have saved and extended the lives our rescue animals.

We encourage you to give to our cause in any way you can. For the animals, and for you.




Our volunteers are key contributors to our success as an animal sanctuary. Your help will improve the lives of our rescue residents and help us to carry out our mission to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats animals, and promote compassionate living.

Please click "Apply Now" below to see available volunteer positions. All applicants should be committed to Sindisa Sanctuary’s goals.




If you choose to give through donations, your generosity will go directly towards improving the living conditions of our rescue residents as well as bringing in new animals to the sanctuary. We'll keep you posted on the progress you enable!

Donate Now

Also, we are always in need of additional items to help us improve Sindisa. So we've placed an ongoing wishlist below for the items which would be most helpful at this time. Please email us at if you would like to donate something off our wishlist or something that you think we might need. Thank you!


Solar Panels
Composting Toilet
Post Hole Digger
Ditch Digger
Tool Shed
Polaris Ranger
Outdoor Furniture
Bell Tent
Other Misc Tools